Ian Karr
Ian KarrPresident / Founder
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I’m one of those guys that knew what I wanted to do when I was seven years old. I used to film my friends blowing up clay puppets with firecrackers and crushed model rocket engines.


My first gig was working on a windsurfing movie in the Virgin Islands. Since then, I started a company, directed a bunch of commercials, helped major cable networks promote their shows, kept the flying public safe, and made YouTube a more valuable company. I also assembled a team of the most talented and creative filmmakers in the business and built a facility that allows us to do great work and have fun.


I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order and have visited 47 of them. Would love to shoot something in North Dakota, Oklahoma or Nebraska.


One day a week I work for Howard Stern as the co-host of Jackie’s Joke Hunt on Sirius Satellite Radio. If you tell me a joke, chances are I’ve heard it. But go ahead and try anyway.


Contact Ian at: 212-651-2560 or ian@ikacollective.com

Robbie Chafitz
Robbie ChafitzCreative Director
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Born in class 2 Hurricane

  • 1982 – Received 23 stitches in a mime accident
  • 1989 – Won first Addy award
  • 1990 – Was nicknamed ‘Cheeseman’ by the Lakota Native American Tribe
  • 1991 – Street performed as Charlie Chaplin on the streets of Paris
  • 1993 – Extra in Woody Allen’s Manhattan Mystery
  • 1994 – Instructor Moscow International Film School
  • 1995 – Topless Waiter at The Rabbit’s Foot (Frederick, Maryland)
  • 1996 – Wrote/Directed/Starred in featurette FLICKERS: A Silent Romantic Comedy
  • 1997 – Freelance commercial production coordinator (Baltimore/DC area)
  • 1999 – Freelance commercial producer (New York )
  • 2000 – Can’t remember 2001 – Wrote/Directed/Starred in short film TIME OUT (Premiered at Sundance)
  • 2002 – First producing gig with IKA Spot Shop
  • 2005 – Promoted to Creative Director IKA Collective
  • 2007 – Hired to write feature screenplay for Half Shell Entertainment
  • 2008 – Hired to write feature screenplay for Paramount Pictures
  • 2010- Wrote and produced a bouquet of commercials and promos
  • 2012 – Wrote brief bio for IKA website

*The above bio is true and factual except for the year 2000, I can't remember most of it.

Jonathan Jacobson
Jonathan JacobsonHead of Production
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Jonathan Jacobson has been working in New York’s Film and Television industry professionally since he PA’d on Larry Clark’s controversial indie feature Kids. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch Film School, he joined the video production staff at Arista Records where he worked with directors such as Spike Jonze, Hype Williams and Sophie Muller.


In 1998 he was drafted by internet startup company Rain to be a producer/director of the web’s first “bookVideos” for Barnes and Noble Booksellers. After that died a dot-bomb death it was back to more traditional television with producing location segments for Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”.


It was IKA Collective’s high quality author videos that initially inspired Jonathan to leave his job and join the IKA staff in 2006. In 2007 Jonathan acquired YouTube fame by teaming up with comedian Mark Malkoff and directing “171 Starbucks”, the comedy short where Mark and Jonathan attempt to purchase something at every Startbucks location in Manhattan in one day. The video broke YouTubes record for daily channel subscriptions and was featured in monologues by both David Letterman and Jay Leno.


The success of “171 Starbucks” led to the creation of “Mark Lives in Ikea” a collection of videos where Mark and Johnathan lived for a week straight in a New Jersey Ikea. The web series was awarded 2009 Campaign of the Year by PRWeek.

Ronni Thomas
Ronni ThomasSenior Editor
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Ronni Thomas is an Award Winning filmmaker and editor from Brooklyn, NY.  Throughout his career, his worked has gained him credit in both the underground and the mainstream.  His career began when he was offered a job at the legendary Troma Films with no prior experience.  He quickly learned to work good and work fast under pressure.  From there he produced Hey Is Dee Dee Home and several other short films that would travel the world's festival circuit to critical acclaim.  He worked for a while as maverick advertising icon, Bob Giraldi's personal producer and editor for a few years before being encouraged to begin directing by Giraldi.  In 2007 he took the senior editor seat at IKA Collective.  There he created the award winning Midnight Archive series.  In addition to film, he frequently composes and writes regularly for Huffington Post and the Raindance Film Festival in London. He is currently the Filmaker-In-Residence at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, NY.  His latest film Walter Potter: The Man Who Married Kittens, has received a mass amount of press in anticipation of its release.  He lives a blissfully surreal life with his small family and their exotic cat.















...just so my reel shows up

Rob Kahn
Rob KahnHead of Mixology
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Rob Kahn got his start making coffee for one of the busiest commercial music houses in New York. Within the year, he won a competition to compose for a national commercial for AT&T; his first commercial job. Soon, he was winning more projects for AT&T, P&G, American Airlines, and Merrill Lynch.   Three years later, with a page-full of commercial credits on his resume, he left the company and founded RK/music, building a new studio on West 21st Street in Manhattan, an up-and-coming area in the production community.   Kahn built RK/music into an award-winning original music and audio boutique, working in original music, sound design, audio post production, and audio-branding. To encompass the range of work they produced, he changed the name of the company to Mixology Post in 2002.   His talents as composer, sound designer, and creative director have earned him and his staff numerous awards for their work on HBO, Nike, Pizza Hut, NBC, CBS, Mastercard, ESPN, and many more. He has appeared on national television, discussing modern musical electronics with Jane Pauley. His work ranges from hour-long soundtracks to ½ second sounds for Verizon.   More information is available at www.MixologyPost.com

Fred Camino
Fred CaminoMotion Graphics
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Fred has over 10 years of experience as a motion graphics designer. He got his start in Hollywood, creating animated DVD menus for major motion pictures

– you've probably passed in front of your TV at least once with his work looping endlessly. Since then he's brought his design, animation, compositing and 3D skills to a variety of industries and mediums. He's driven by the magic of bringing images to life through motion.













Anthony H. Moran
Anthony H. MoranEditor
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Anthony Moran knew he loved film and television (and dinosaurs), by the age of 4. As a kid, film and television always had a major impact on his life, and this passion and drive to create original content lead him into the field of filming and editing.


He began pursuing his career as a Camera Operator and Editor in 2009, and hasn’t looked back. In 2010 he hit the ground running working on dozens of promos and commercials for clients ranging from WWE and CBS Sports, the popular iphone game Techno Kitten Adventures. That same year he spent a large part of his career documenting the graffiti culture and shooting some of the scene's most legendary icons. In 2011 he was asked to direct a video for the group Bronze Radio Return who's music has been heard on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation and American Idol.


A “computer junkie” who also likes to get his hands dirty, Moran has spent many hours working closely with grips and lighting/rigging technicians on various sets and productions for networks and commercial production companies.


His array of skills include: producing, directing, graphic design, and editing for everything from short films, documentaries and web ads to television commercials and music videos. He has also directed, written, produced and animated countless personal projects. In 2011 he joined the IKA Collective staff as a Junior Editor.

Abbey Chung
Abbey ChungBook Keeper


Ashley Vuckovich
Ashley VuckovichProducer

Ashley has worked in production for the past 12 years and seriously loves producing web videos and coming up with brilliant ideas for web videos. She is majorly obsessed with the Howard Stern Show and thus is super excited to work with Ian(refer to Ian's bio)! Her latest love (not including Andy Warhol, pop-culture, or chihuahuas) is creating and listening to podcasts. When she's not working, she's spending hours in Central Park, because that's what makes her feel like a real human being.

She's been part of Emmy Award winning teams, been nominated for Webby Awards, and has created content for programs that generated over 18 million + views a month. She knows a good story when she sees it!

Doug Moss
Doug MossAudio Engineer

Doug joined Mixology Post as staff engineer in early 2014 and is proficient in all things recording, mixing and post-production. He has recorded and produced a live jazz album at the legendary Minton's Playhouse in Harlem, was the chief engineer for an off-broadway rock opera, and has contributed music and sound design for ads big and small. He has worked in audio houses and studios all over New York City, though it has always felt more like play. He recently received a Masters in Music Technology from NYU.