Billions “Gladiator”


For the season 2 launch of Billions, the creative team at Showtime tapped IKA to produce a promo which shows the return of everyone’s favorite power couples in their truest state – as warriors. But sometimes the most powerful weapons are hidden in plain sight.

One of the challenges with this shoot is that it needed to happen at the same time as the cast was shooting stills and doing interviews. So time was incredibly short. As always.

Director Ian Karr worked with DP Bill Winters to devise a shooting plan which maximized each actor’s time in front of the lens, allowing the team to finesse performances while honoring the talent’s hard outs. Because no one wants to be on Axe’s or Chuck’s bad side.

Project Details

Director : Ian Karr
DP : Bill Winters
Client : Showtime
Category : Promos
Address :