When I was 12 years old I “borrowed” my dad’s super 8 camera and made movies of friends blowing up clay puppets with firecrackers and crushed model rocket engines.

My first non-pyrotechnic gig was working on a windsurfing movie in the Virgin Islands while Reagan was President. Since then, I started a company, created a bunch of content, helped networks promote their shows, kept the flying public safe, and made YouTube a more valuable company.  Along the way I assembled a team of the most talented and creative filmmakers in the business and built a facility that allows us to do great work and have fun.

I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order and have visited 47 of them.  Special discounts to anyone who hires us to shoot something in North Dakota, Oklahoma or Nebraska.

Random unrelated fact: For 8 years I worked one night a week for Howard Stern as the co-host of Jackie’s Joke Hunt on SiriusXM. If you tell me a joke, chances are I’ve heard it. But go ahead and try anyway.