Robert “Robbie” Chafitz(early 40’s but looked younger) recently succumbed to a long, elusive and ironic battle with success.  Robbie was born in Washington D.C. and graduated from a college located up the street from Johns Hopkins University (Towson State). While in college he invented a Ouija board for dyslexics. He lived in Paris/Moscow/Budapest during the 20’s (not the 1920’s but HIS 20’s) where he made a living street-performing as Charlie Chaplin and spell-checking Braille.  Returning to NYC in the early ‘00s, Robbie joined IKA Collective where he was responsible for creating network promos (FOX, SHOWTIME, DISCOVERY), web series (THE MOMMY SHOW, Advice Under the Influence) and various other stuff. Robbie worked with lots of famous people (Steve Martin, Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs, John Cleese, Martin Short, Kevin Kline and others).  Robbie performed as half of the sketch comedy duo “The Stanley Milgram Experiment.” His silent film, FLICKERS: A Silent Romantic Comedy, screened internationally, and his short film TIME OUT premiered at the Sundance Film Festival (2002) and aired on Showtime Networks.  Robbie went on to sell screenplays to Paramount and a place that was NOT Paramount. He was repped by Circle of Confusion and WME.  He is survived by his wife Magdalena, their dog and 2 cats.  In his spare time, Robbie enjoys writing his obituary.