I have never understood why people don’t want the thrill (yes, I said thrill) of figuring out the exact amount each person owes for dinner and seeing that it all adds up to the total bill. Fortunately for me, I discovered that this mildly neurotic trait of wanting to count all the pennies is valuable to companies needing bookkeepers. Now I get my kicks making sure all the pennies add up during the day, and I don’t have to be “that girl” at dinner. I love being a part of the IKA team, running the numbers amongst a great group of creatives.

I don’t get creative with the books, but I do get creative putting my music-major skills to good use. I sing with and arrange for Duwende, an award-winning a cappella group with a thriving YouTube channel. We’ve performed on NBC’s “The Winner Is,” Sundance, The Java Jazz Festival, The Royal Theater in Amsterdam, and a bunch of other hard-to-believe places.