IKA COLLECTIVE is a team of talented and dedicated professionals with the expertise to offer the full range of services needed for any of your projects - no matter the scale.



A good idea can come from anywhere…which is why we take a team approach to ideation.  And we have just as much fun building ideas from scratch as we do from detailed briefs.  If you’ve got a story to tell, we can help you spread the word in an memorable way that also gets results. 


One size does not fit all…and that's why we offer a full range of SCALABLE production services. 

Our team of seasoned producers have decades of experience working worldwide with all ranges of budgets, crew sizes, gear, and logistical parameters. We offer complete production services for: Broadcast, digital, web, mobile, interactive, streaming and live events as well as experimental and developing technologies. 


Everything comes together in the edit.  From first cut to final color - and all the black magic in-between. Our post crew bring a wealth of skill and creativity to the table. 

visual effects and compositing

Need flying cars? Need a virtual set extension so your backyard actually looks like the rainforest in your script? Need blood but don't feel like getting sticky? Need explosions but don't feel like getting burned or going to jail? - Let our talented VFX team take your project up a notch.

Motion graphic design

From stunning titles to engaging infographics, great Motion Design is crucial in a range of needs for your film, commercial and television productions. We've got you covered with our outstanding design team.