American Horror Story “CULT”


FX Taps IKA Collective to Create Groundbreaking Launch Campaign For New Season of American Horror Story

Directed by Ian Karr of IKA Collective, working in collaboration with creative agency Spark & Sizzle, and interactive video technology pioneer WIREWAX, the campaign moves way beyond traditional promos, representing a new level of viewer engagement and awareness. The interactive episodic experience features over 50 pieces of content released over six weeks, creepy clues coming in the form of Facebook Messenger “Bot” chats, the show's own social media platforms and website (, and even real-life activations, all of which unlock a trove of hidden video content that offer further details into the plot and characters in season 7 of Ryan Murphy's horror creation.  FX Creative, FX Production and DP Paul Tolton partnered with the team to create the chilling visuals.

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Project Details

Client: FX
Project: American Horror Story: Cult promo campaign

Agency: Spark+Sizzle
Creative Director, Project Lead: Cyndy Cecil-Bragg
Creative Director: Crystal Hall

Production: IKA Collective
Director: Ian Karr
Editor: Ronni Thomas
Visual Effect Director: Vince Rose

Interactive: WIREWAX